Anita Xella



Anita is a young photographer. Meticulous and self-confident, she has clear ideas about the goals she wants to achieve. Here’s what it means to be a #talentedwoman.

Describe Anita in one word:



The most beautiful experience lived so far:
Probably the first two trips made alone, an interrail with a great friend and a month in Guatemala and Belize, backpacker!

How does your talent help others?
I would say, more than anything else, that it helps myself. I’m learning to know myself. I express myself better with images than with words, and I think that by reflection this also helps others to understand what is on my mind.


A color, a book and a song:
One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez
Father and Son by Cat Stevens

What studies would you have done if you had not embarked on the current ones?
Nothing different from what I have already done. Before studying photography I took a degree in cultural linguistic mediation. Then, I realized that it wouldn’t be my job, but the knowledge of languages continues to open up roads to me in every area.