Claudia Mari


Claudia Mari is a manager with a strong passion for fashion. Graduated in economics with honors, she decided after years of dedicating herself to fashion at three hundred and sixty degrees.

Today she juggles her missions as a personal shopper for Made in Italy lovers, her job as a manager and she takes care of her blog.

Find out what she told us:

Describe Claudia in one word:

The most beautiful experience lived:
The year in which I tried to start my personal shopping business. I moved away from work in finance to devote myself to a hobby that was becoming more and more a job. I studied fashion and luxury, passionate about Made in Italy and the many stories of companies and artisans who create clothes accessories appreciated all over the world. Probably few people expect that from Russia they organize tourist groups who come to study the Italian way of dressing!

How does your talent or your passion help others?
If I approached fashion and personal shopping, it’s because I thought that the thing that will soon pay more attention is the combination of clothes and accessories. Not to appear! First of all for myself, to feel at ease, energetic, and because I think it’s the first daily fun that everyone can have. If this is my talent, then the help to others is first of all in supporting Italian companies and artisans, wearing, communicating and advertising their creations. Then even in giving an extra smile to those who don’t like or don’t care enough, maybe showing how a dress or a new color can make you feel better about yourself.

A color, a book and a song:
Pink color, as you want this season.

The book “Solo l’amore crea” by Fabio Rosini.

The song “Notte prima degli esami” by Antonello Venditti.

What would you have done if you had not undertaken your current career?
If I had not followed the numbers, maybe I would have opened a clothes shop.