Claudia Riva



Claudia Riva is a writer and executive TV producer. She has just published the biography of her brother Massimo, Vasco’s historic guitarist and describes it as the strongest experience of her life.

Describe Claudia in just one word:



The most beautiful experience lived so far:
Having succeeded in completing my brother Massimo’s biography, I don’t know if it is the most beautiful experience lived so far, certainly the most intense.

How does your talent help others?
I think each of us has talent, sometimes hidden by fear or the inability to express it. I don’t think, however, that our talent helps others, I rather think that it helps oneself when it manages to escape.


A color, a book and a song:
Ask the Dust by John Fante.
Vivere by Vasco Rossi.

What would you have done if you hadn’t become who you are today?
A million other things. I wish I had the chance to live at least seven lives, like cats and maybe not even those. Space from the criminologist to the stylist, from the director to the desire to open a bar on an island.



What does it mean to be a talented woman?
Talented woman means 100% belief in what you do. I am never satisfied and dissatisfaction if calibrated can lead to higher and higher goals.