Lavinia Perilli




Lavinia is a young aspiring actress, full of life, willing to learn and to grow. Exuberant and determined, she told us what it means to her to be a #talentedwoman.

Describe Lavinia in one word:



The most beautiful experience lived so far:
One of the most beautiful experiences was my theatrical debut. That was the occasion when I became more aware of myself. Feeling the warmth of the audience through applause is undoubtedly an incredible emotion. I always hope in my small way to be able to reach people’s hearts.


How does your talent help others?
Through acting I try to give the public a moment of carefree, distracting. In a historical period in which you live in a constant state of stress, spending a couple of hours watching a show allows you to “switch off”.

A color, a book and a song:
Red, but right now I’m going through a phase where I prefer lilac.
Io Uccido by Giorgio Faletti.
I have several songs that I carry in my heart, one of them is Young and Beautiful by Lana del Ray.


What studies would you have done if you had not embarked on the current ones?
I had to create a plan B. It is an uncertain world and unfortunately things do not always go as one would like. For this reason I have a degree in Motor Sciences.