Maria Chiara Pozzi



Maria Chiara Pozzi is an artist. Madly in love with her job, she exudes competence, awareness and passion from every pore.

Describe Maria Chiara in one word:
Intact, authentic.



The most beautiful experience lived so far:
Work and learn the art of chalcographic art printing with a man of excellent professionalism, technique and profound and colorful sensitivity. Davide Pedroli.

How does your talent help others?
Awakening amazement (so someone told me).



A color, a book and a song:
A novel read about 10 years ago, of which I remember neither the title nor the author. It was a woman. I have the cover in my mind. There was a pink peony. It rocked me, accompanied me, turned away from a citizen August. I think it’s my favorite book because it’s the only one that still has left me with an unrepeatable, nostalgic, muffled and beautiful feeling. I’d like to read it again. If you want a title though: Beast of joy by Mariangela Gualtieri.
I don’t have a favorite song.

What would you have done if you hadn’t become what you are today?
I’d be dead.


What does it mean to be a #talentedwoman?
Knowing how to do with your hands, your mind, your heart, your eyes, your stomach.

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