Silvia Agliotti


Silvia Agliotti is the founder of “Gli Eroici Furori”, an art gallery in Milan that this year celebrates its first 10 years.

Silvia is a concentrate of energy, art and positivity!

Find out what she told us:

Describe Silvia in one word:
(Enthusiasm!… Courage!… I would say many others… !)

The most beautiful experience lived:
The most beautiful experience from the point of view of personal achievement was the opening of the contemporary art gallery and cultural space “Gli Eroici Furori” in the Liberty district of Porta Venezia in Milan.


How does your talent or your passion help others?
In ten years of activity, my space called “Gli Eroici Furori” from a work by Giordano Bruno, a visionary philosopher condemned in 1600 for heresy, has become a reference point for many people in search of beauty in art and content , enthusiasm and culture in the events proposed over time. Talent and passion in this sense have helped others to find a place for gathering energy and creativity full of meaning.

A color, a book and a song:
Carmine Red.
“Mr. Vertigo” by Paul Auster.
“Every Breath You Take” by The Police.

What would you have done if you had not undertaken your current career?
Definitely a job in the world of entertainment, actress or singer, dancer or pianist … all activities that I always practice with participation and feeling!